Alex Fouts Avatar
Alex Fouts
2/23/2021 - Google

First time visitor, but will definitely be coming back!! Raul is fantastic!!

Sharise Gregory Avatar
Sharise Gregory
2/17/2021 - Google

Great dentist . I found him on Groupon and his service was excellent.

Student Peyton Gilstrap Avatar
Student Peyton Gilstrap
2/17/2021 - Google

Great experience my teeth have never been cleaner 😁😁😁

Jim Niedringhaus Avatar
Jim Niedringhaus
2/10/2021 - Google

Dr Suri and his staff are extremely nice to work with. I recommend him highly!

Alex Heisler Avatar
Alex Heisler
2/10/2021 - Google

They did an excellent job! I was a new client today and they made me feel so comfortable and we’re very diligent. I would highly recommend going here if you’re looking for a new dentist that cares!

Nate Schiefer Avatar
Nate Schiefer
2/03/2021 - Google

Great quality service by an overall helpful staff. Very welcoming office with caring people. The entire staff was helpful and honest with their recommendations. Very happy with this experience.

Mary Castillo Avatar
Mary Castillo
1/27/2021 - Google

Thanks to doctor Suri for his prompt and professional service. He showed care while assisting me in my dental care.

Gerardo Soto Avatar
Gerardo Soto
1/24/2021 - Google

Amazing work! Great customer service! Raul and Dr Suri are the best! Highly recommend this office for all your Dental needs!

Sara Jayne Avatar
Sara Jayne
1/24/2021 - Google

Friendly staff from front desk to dental hygienist! They did a thorough job

Samantha Eddy Avatar
Samantha Eddy
1/24/2021 - Google

I had a wonderful experience at Dry Creek! I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found that everyone was super compassionate and checking in at all times about my comfort. It was a quick cleaning, and the dentist gave me helpful input on what was going on for me. I will definitely be back here and I recommend anyone who might be nervous about the dentist to go here! Also, COVID precautions were taken and I felt very, very safe! Thank you!!

Kenna Johnson Avatar
Kenna Johnson
12/24/2020 - Google

Dr Anuj and Raul at Dental wellness did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and safe during my visit. They practiced excellent covid safe hygiene during my visit. Highly recommend this place for teeth cleaning, veneers, crowns, really anything!

Anne Matelski Avatar
Anne Matelski
12/24/2020 - Google

I had such a great experience at Dental Wellness at Dry Creek. Dr. Suri is the best dentist I’ve found. He is gentle and thorough while working quickly. Him and Raul made sure I was comfortable, answered my questions, and checked in on me during the process. Raul’s filling is perfect. Needless to say, I’ll be back!

L. Larkins Avatar
L. Larkins
12/24/2020 - Google

First time here and I love this office. Clean, pleasant, professional from the receptionist to the hygienist to the dentist. The cleaning by Raul was one of the best I’ve experienced. He’s thorough without it being painful or taking forever.

Simon Aleman Avatar
Simon Aleman
12/24/2020 - Google

Incredibly good for a quality service (Groupon coupon is awesome too)

Jen F. Avatar
Jen F.
11/24/2020 - Google

Dr. Suri and his entire staff are absolutely awesome!!

Kellyn Nagle Avatar
Kellyn Nagle
11/24/2020 - Google

I have returned to Dental Wellness several times and have always felt very comfortable during procedures that typical give me anxiety. I would recommend them to anyone in the area!

Lisa Hajek Avatar
Lisa Hajek
10/24/2020 - Google

Had a crown put on today (10/19/2020). Dr Siri and Raul work professionally and quickly. I am curious about the hows and whys of any procedure. Both of them were excellent in response. Highly recommend this office.

Destiny Miller Avatar
Destiny Miller
10/24/2020 - Google

I am so glad that I found a great dental team for my family and didn't have to do a lot of searching being new to Denver. I love the whole team they are very professional and friendly. From Vanessa (hope I spelled her name right lol) at the front desk to Dr. Suri and his team they take great care of me and my family. Will not be going anywhere else unless I move.

Amy Weber Avatar
Amy Weber
10/24/2020 - Google

The whole staff is caring and gentle. I love going to a dentist that cares about me and my family as a whole. They do amazing work too.

Adam Carr Avatar
Adam Carr
9/24/2020 - Google

Kelly Page is the best! Such a great smile!

Elena Liu Avatar
Elena Liu
8/24/2020 - Google

Dental Wellness is a great dental office. Dr Suri is a very professional and caring dentist. Whole team is respectful and welcoming.I would highly recommend this dental office.

Dale Lehman Avatar
Dale Lehman
7/24/2020 - Google

Dental Wellness is my 4th Dentist in as many years. Each for a cleaning. First of all I rec'd, what I think, was the best descaling and cleaning that I've had for some time. Secondly when Dr. Shiva (sp) examined me after the cleaning he did not try to sell me every after market service such as periodontal work, whitening, replace every filling and bridge, flouride treatments, etc. He commented that my teeth looked strong and was anything specific bothering me. My previous attempts at finding a dentist had been much like looking at used cars. Sell, sell, sell. One chain dental office even before the cleaning took me into a sales office where they pitched me on almost a thousand dollars of aftermarket services. I think I've finally found my dental office.

Lia Avatar
7/24/2020 - Google

An excellent experience in every way. All the staff are highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The offices are rimpeccably clean. I recommend Dental Wellness at Dry Creek without reservation.

Liz Huevler Avatar
Liz Huevler
7/24/2020 - Google

This office has an extremely professional and friendly staff. The doctor was equally pleasant in these respects. He is also very knowledgeable and was very clear in his explanations of my dental health and future precautions. I highly recommend this practice!

Julie King Avatar
Julie King
6/24/2020 - Google

Dental Wellness is a wonderful dental office. Dr Suri is a very professional and caring dentist. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for excellent care.

Debbie Lee Avatar
Debbie Lee
6/24/2020 - Google

I had a lovely experience at Dental Wellness. The office is very clean and all the staff were very friendly. I had my teeth cleaned, and it was a lovely experience. They are taking all the necessary precautions during this time.

Mia Ebero Avatar
Mia Ebero
5/24/2020 - Google

Both my boyfriend and I went to get a Dental Checkup with Exam, X-Ray, and Cleaning for One or Two at Dental Wellness at Dry Creek yesterday(Groupon Deal). This was my first time EVER going to the dentist and I was incredibly nervous. It didn't help that other people had me worried because of the dentist experiences they've had going to THEIR dentist. However, I just had the most amazing time here at Dental Wellness!! The staff was VERY friendly and professional!!! Dr. Anuj Suri was understanding of my situation and explained every detail until I understood. Our dental assistant was Ms. Kelly Page and her humor and positive personality kept us in the uplifting ambiance the office was naturally giving off since we walked in the door. Ms. Vanessa in the front office helped us with our paperwork and didn't mind the extra questions, she was very helpful. Needless to say, both my honey and I made our follow up appointments with Dental Wellness and I am forever grateful I didn't have to have the "normal" negative experience that goes along with going to the dentist. 10/10 for this business and we highly recommend this office. Thank You to the staff of Dental Wellness for taking pride in what you do 🙂

Payton Batliner Avatar
Payton Batliner
3/24/2020 - Google

Dr. Suri is wonderful. This office nice, clean and very friendly staff!

Deb Conn Avatar
Deb Conn
2/24/2020 - Google

Dr. Suri is the kind of dentist who heals trust issues in patients! Dr. Suri gave me a candid recommendation that I did not need additional treatment, so I know he has my best interests at heart. He is gentle and knowledgeable and friendly. Vanessa at the front desk is warm and welcoming and easy to work with. 5 stars all around, thanks guys!

Taavish Sharma Avatar
Taavish Sharma
2/24/2020 - Google

Excellent service! I am a non-practicing dentist, and I completely trust Dr. Suri for myself and for my family. Patient first mentality from diagnosis to treatment. It's clear that the whole staff works cohesively and has the same patient-centered philosophy.

Dave Wampler Avatar
Dave Wampler
2/24/2017 - Google

Dr. Camillo DiLizia and his staff continue to impress me. How often can one say that they actually look forward to a visit to the dentist office. I can assure you that I do. His front desk receptionist is very friendly and cheerful. On my last visit I was a few minutes early so she offered me a water and verified my information was up to date. His hygienist was easy to talk to, very thorough, informative, and most important to me was gentle during my cleaning. Dr. D always greets me with a smile and genuinely shows his interest in my well being. If you are looking for a positive experience then I would highly recommend them.Dave W.

Kaia Sunde Avatar
Kaia Sunde
2/24/2016 - Google

Christy has done dental work on me a few times since coming to Dental Wellness and she is such a rockstar! Previous experiences with dentists had left me feeling anxious and hesitant to keep up with my cleanings however Christy turned that all around. She is comforting, funny, and really cares about her patients! Thank you Christy and Dr. D!Highly recommended!

Michelle Hood Avatar
Michelle Hood
2/24/2016 - Google

Dr D is the sweetest guy. I was eight months pregnant and had to have a crown. He seemed very knowledgeable and knew how to make me comfortable and also use the right anesthetic for pregnancy. The only downside is the front desk lady doesnt smile. Just a different personality I guess.

Lauren Hulse Avatar
Lauren Hulse
2/24/2015 - Google

Dr. D really cared about my fear of pain with fillings. He made sure that I was okay through every step of the process--I would definitely recommend him!

Camillo Dilizia Avatar
Camillo Dilizia
2/24/2015 - Google

Marianne VillaWords cannot express how thankful I am that God put you in my path. I have had a fear of dentists since I was a kid. You are compassionate and kind. And as my kids said, you're pretty cool. Thank you! Marianne Cedillo

Connie Warden Avatar
Connie Warden
2/24/2014 - Google

Can't say enough about Dr. D (for short). Dr. Camillo DiLizia is personable, lighthearted and just knows what you need to make a dentist visit as relaxing as possible. And for me, that's awesome!

Richard Oliver Avatar
Richard Oliver
2/24/2013 - Google

I have always hated going to the Dentist from a very bad childhood expereince. Being in Medial Practice myself, I am very particular as to whom I choose for my Medical and Dental care. I can tell you that I am extremely pleased with Dr. Dilizia, his staff and Hygentist. Dr. DiLizia is exttremely gentle and quite humourous too and he and his staff have treated me and my family above and beyond. I was so impressed that they bent over backwords to work with my son who was in Law School and didn't have much money at the time and needed some serious Dental work. I would highly recommend this Dentist without reservation to anyone !!!Yours,Dr. Richard A Oliver