Dentistry today is more rewarding to practice than when i started in 1990.  Hi, I am Dr. Camillo DiLizia of Dental Wellness at Dry Creek.  Exciting new innovations from digital x rays  to dental implants and lasers to modern preventive practices have made our profession more fulfilling than ever.

When a new innovation comes along, we at Dental Wellness at Dry Creek have developed a wait and see attitude.  We wait to see proven research evidence in dental studies by reputable professionals, not the manufacturers.  This is called evidence based dentistry. if we in the dental profession are truly looking to provide services to benefit our patients, we need evidence assuring us we are doing just that.  Not using the newest technology simply as a marketing scheme.

For example, dental lasers are a wonderful addition to our practice.  They can be used in the treatment of gum disease and in some cases, eliminate the need for the dental drill.  It has been advocated by some manufacturers of lasers that dental anesthetic is not needed.  Research shows lasers do not fully remove the need for gum surgery or at this time have not replaced the dental drill for cavities.  Evidence indicates a laser is a great addition to help our patients.  Do not be fooled by marketing ads advocating the total elimination of the drill and anesthetic for dental procedures.

Dental implants are one of the most exciting developments in the past twenty years.  I have been restoring missing teeth with implants since 1990.  We use them as one form of treatment to replace missing teeth or non restorable teeth and to anchor dentures. But they have their own potential complications and are not for everyone,  Certain medical conditions, smoking, history of diabetes and ingestion of specific osteoporosis medications can alter the success of dental implants,  Evidence shows implants are highly successful, but they are to be used when indicated and not for every patient who requests them.