By Dental Wellness at Dry Creek
June 24, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out the many ways cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile.

There is a reason cosmetic dentistry has become so popular. Even if you can’t tell who has had cosmetic dentistry or not, so many smiles look amazing because of what dental technology is now able to do. If you are looking to enhance or makeover your smile then it’s time Cosmetic Dentistryyou talked to our Centennial cosmetic dentist Dr. DiLizia.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry you certainly have options:

Do you want to whiten your smile and remove stains?

One of the most obvious and easy ways to remove yellow surface stains from your teeth and to significantly brighten your smile is with professional teeth whitening. Whether you choose to get our in-office system or to take our system home with you will depend on certain factors like budget and how quickly you want results.

At-home whitening may take two to four weeks to achieve the results you want while in-office whitening can usually get teeth several shades whiter in just one one-hour session.

Do you want to buff out minor chips and cracks?

While this option isn’t right for those with more severe dental issues, those with small stains, chips and cracks can enjoy the benefits of dental bonding. This is one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dentistry options you can get. Plus, it boasts no needles or anesthesia!

By applying a tooth-colored resin over the problem area, molding it into the proper shape and then hardening it with a laser we can improve the overall look of your tooth or teeth quickly and painlessly.

Do you want to get a straighter, whiter and altogether healthier-looking smile?

Those who are looking to fix minor imperfections, as well as those who want to hide minor crookedness or crowding can benefit from dental veneers. Your Centennial cosmetic dentist applies these thin, porcelain shells to the front of your teeth to cover common problems like discolorations, cracks, gaps between teeth, overlapping teeth or misshapen teeth.

Do you want to replace missing teeth?

In this day and age, you have so many more options when it comes to replacing missing permanent teeth. Of course, you can go for the more traditional options like dentures or dental bridges or you can opt for a long-term solution like dental implants. While implants require surgery and will take longer to complete, what you are left with is a replacement tooth that is durable enough to last a lifetime, if cared for properly.

Cosmetic dentistry can turn that smile around for the better. Want to find out more? Then it’s time you called our Centennial, CO dental office today. Turn to Dental Wellness at Dry Creek for all of your smile needs.