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The partial or total loss of teeth can negatively affect the quality of life in many ways.  Hi, I am Dr. DiLizia of Dental Wellness at Dry Creek and we believe great dental health contributes to your overall well being.

As we live longer there is an increased risk for tooth loss.  Either partial or total loss of teeth can negatively affect the quality of one’s life by causing these patients to have difficulty eating nutritionally sound foods which are high in nutrients, fiber and vitamins.  They are usually replaced by fatty, high carbohydrate foods which can lead to weight gain, hypertension and other systemic diseases, not to mention difficulty in speaking, less social interaction and cosmetic embarrassment.

Two dental reasons for tooth loss are severe decay and Periodontal Disease.  Periodontal or bone disease of the supporting structures of teeth increases in prevalence in people over 50 years of age.

System disease also contributes to tooth loss.  Diabetics have high blood sugar either because their body does not produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar or the cells of the body are resistant to insulin.  Affecting over 25 million Americans, of which 11 million are over 65 years of age, diabetics have a high risk of Periodontal Disease and a higher risk of tooth loss and associated health issues.

At Dental Wellness at Dry Creek we review the medical history of our patients and update at each visit.  This helps us to identify any changes in general health that will negatively affect their quality of life and guide them to steps in which their overall health is taken care of.  We take care of people, not just teeth!

As always if you have any questions you can call us at 303-773-9400 or email me personally at [email protected]