Dentists are on the front line of defense for detecting oral cancer in its earliest and most survivable stage. Hi, I am Dr. DiLizia of Dental Wellness at Dry Creek and we go the extra mile to make sure that not only are your teeth and gums healthy, but your overall wellness is taken seriously.

Although oral cancer from tobacco is on the decline there is a strong trend towards an increase in Human Papillomavirus implicated sites. The same viral strain that is responsible for over 70% of all cervical cancer is also responsible for 85% to 95% of all HPV related oral and pharyngeal cancer. The HPV has as strong affinity for the structures of the tongue and back of the throat. Currently HPV is the fastest growing sexually transmitted disease with six million new cases diagnoses every year.

In 2012 SEER(Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results) demonstrated that over 28,000 men and 11,710 women will be diagnosed with oral cancer and over 7,800 will die. For the past five years this number has been increasing. Other factors which place you at risk are tobacco use, alcohol, cannabis, betel nut chewing, along with age and previous history of cancer.

Early diagnosis from oral and pharyngeal cancer starts with regular dental exams which should include oral cancer screenings. We at Dental Wellness at Dry Creek not only perform routine digital and visual examination we also use modern technology such as Direct Fluorescence. This technology is a light of specific wavelength that when illuminated in the mouth shows an apple green color with normal tissue. An irregular dark appearance is an indication that further evaluation is needed.

At Dental Wellness at Dry Creek we take serious the overall health of our patients. Dentistry has come into the mainstream of preventive medicine and we believe we can make a difference and add to your health. As always, you can call us with amy questions at 303-773-9400 or better yet email me personally at [email protected]