We all have had advice given to us that was helpful. And we all have had advice given to us that was not helpful, maybe even detrimental.

But when I am told to “FIT IN”… my first thought is, no, I won’t fit in.
Fitting in is nothing more than listening and believing the barriers that someone else has made. Fitting in stifles creativity and creates boundaries.

Now before you call me a rebel, keep reading and you will see what I mean. There are rules and laws in life that we all need to keep. We all must obey the laws of our land, pay our taxes and present ourselves in a manner that is civil.
Now isn’t that fitting in? You bet it is.
But what about fitting in with regard to our visions, dreams and aspirations. I will not fit in to that mould.   In my wonderful profession of dentistry, fitting in today means hiring a consultant (who isn’t even a dentist) who comes into our business and tells us how to practice, what services to deliver and even how to talk to people. Fitting in means using buzz words like “holistic dentist” (is that even real?) to attract clients. Fitting in means creating a “brand” by joining forces with individuals who say they can help us differentiate our practice by using their platform.. Thats right, their platform, so they can sell us a bag of nothing and collect money for it. That’s like buying a car and only the salesperson can drive it.

Today, many people have tattoos. So many have tattoos, that those without tattoos are now the ones who do not “fit in”. And the same is for our practice in our wonderful profession.
I will not fit in by doing what the others do. I will not buy into branding or use buzz words like holistic dentistry, or subjecting my patients to a psychological test (yes, its true) before I invite them into my office.
I will not listen to the so called and self proclaimed marketing gurus about joining their cause to help my business. Yes, I wrote it correctly, their cause for my business.

I will continue to be a dentist. My office will take care of people in a clean, sterile environment with the latest technology. We will spend our time and money on education to perfect our craft. We will treat people as individuals and respect their beliefs. Just like those without tattoos, we will not “fit in”. Why, because, just like you, we’re dental patients too!   WAIT A SECOND,  DID I JUST BRAND MYSELF?