Minimally invasive dentistry(MID) is the new trend in modern dentistry. The basis of MID is to control disease and then use conservative techniques to restore form, function, and esthetics of the teeth and gums.

Examples of MID include: sealants on teeth which do not require any cutting of tooth structure, placement of mini dental implants which can stabilize dentures to minimize bone loss, dental implants to replace missing teeth rather than alter the contour of teeth for fixed bridges, and treatment of early stage periodontal disease with conservative scaling, use of antimicrobial rinses and laser soft tissue treatment.

For cosmetic dentistry, the use of clear aligner therapy (CAT) is available in place of cutting teeth for crowns and veneers. Most people know clear aligner therapy as Invisalign, but there are now many companies that provide this form of orthodontics. CAT uses a series of custom made clear appliances that are worn instead of braces. These aligners gently move teeth to correct crowding, spacing, and crossbite. Treatment time can range from three months to one year or slightly longer for complicated cases.

The use of MID is now becoming more prevalent in modern dentistry and gives the patient more options than before. Minimally invasive dentistry recognizes that conservation of the structures of the mouth including teeth, gums and bones is vital to the long term health of patients.

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