November 12, 2015
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It IS!  What it is.

I am sure we have all experienced a moment or two in life where our thoughts, beliefs and our world changes. Recently I had one of those moments where everything went right side up.
Many of you know that I am an avid motorcycle rider. I love motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson motorcycles. Last Friday I had to drop off the sled to get new skins. (that’s biker talk for “drop off the motorcycle for new tires”). Well, you just can’t drop off the sled without visiting the showroom to drool at all the new machines. As I was walking down the isles adorned with chrome my attention was drawn to a young lady. She was probably around fourteen years old and had obvious physical challenges. But, my attention went in her direction because of her smile and the smiley face on her shirt. So, as I was walking by I smiled and said to her, “you are happy like your shirt”. And she shined the most eye twinkling sincere smile I have ever seen and said” no, my shirt is smiling because I am smiling”. The profoundness of that moment will live with me forever. In a brief twenty-second encounter, this human being changed my life. How could this happen? How could a fourteen year old without the life experiences that we older folk have, change my life…for the better?

On my radio show called the “THE BUSINESS OF LIFE” on Saturdays at 10am on 94.7FM, I talk about life experiences and things that were taught to me about being the best version of ourselves we could possibly be. I have read hundreds of books on great leaders in our society.
I have seen success that people have had in marriages, raising children and all the dynamics of life. Yet this one profound moment with that young lady I met made me realize this…that ourfocus is what creates our life. It IS! What it is.  We focus on fear, we get fear. We focus on happiness, we get happy.  We focus on success, we get it. It IS! What it is.

At DENTAL WELLNESS AT DRY CREEK, we focus on people. We focus on the needs and wants of those we are blessed to have walk through our front door. We focus on helping people and with that focus are able to make sure that our patients are first. Focus, is what brings about reality. Focus is what brings joy and fulfillment.

It IS! What it is.