Just a warning, I’m from New Jersey and there could be just a touch of sarcasm added for your reading pleasure.

Yes, its true!. I’ve seen ads that make these claims and I place them in the folder under “dental gimmicks”. As defined by The Oxford Dictionary, a gimmick is a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity or business. In dentistry, these gimmicks are often used to attract patients and do not have any significant dental benefits for these targeted individuals.

Gimmicks in the health industry have increased across the board, fueled by fountains of misinformation such as by Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and anyone else who wants to make a dollar by endorsing a product. You now can look younger or cure any disease simply by watching late night television commercials. In dentistry, there is no shortage of gimmicks. Celebrities are endorsing products that stop snoring, and cure gum disease by sucking on coconut oil, to name a few. Price gimmicks are the latest craze in dentistry. You’ve seen them. Blue light special 99 cents for dental implants, cure TMJ pain with a foot massage, meditate before dental treatment and you won’t need Novocaine.

I know, it sounds silly and yes I am being a little sarcastic, but it is out there. In a day when we need to differentiate ourselves, some are using gimmicks to attract attention. My question is why are we buying into it? Could it be the consumer is looking for something different to spend their money on? ( Remember the pet rock?… you want mine?) Could it be these gimmick merchants are saying we are dumb? Maybe Dr. Oz is truly a genius? You decide for yourself.

In a world in which most are now offering gimmicks to earn business, I have gone the other direction. Why? Because following the herd never works. We offer dentistry. We offer state of the art, sterile, dentistry. We offer state of the art, sterile dentistry and really enjoy people. Wait a minute, is that a gimmick? You may have to stop by and see for yourself.