I am sure you have heard people utter those words. What does that statement mean? What does that statement really imply? Is there a hidden meaning? Is there……..okay, okay, I’ll stop with the questions. Well, there is a happy ending to this, but you’ll have to read on to get there.

We all want some form of stability, some form of certainty in our lives. It stops us from worrying or stressing. Getting our paycheck at the end of the week is a form of stability and certainty as is getting home and sitting in our laz-y-boy and clicking on the television. By the way did you know that recliners are now electric, so we don’t even have to pull a lever to sit back and put our feet up. Just hit the button and we arrive, with certainty at our favorite position. But I digress…..sorry…..just had a moment of certainty. These are all forms of fast food and in proper amounts, they are wonderful.

Just like cheesecake, a little is okay, but beware, too much stability will cause us to become bored and feel that life has no meaning. We love our paycheck, but what happens when it does not buy us what we need. We love our friends and co workers but what happens when they move to another state or stop wanting to interact with us. Enter instability and stress. In my opinion we need a some instability, some stress in our daily routine.
What, are you crazy? Maybe, but that’s another article. You see, stress,  instability and uncertainty  are actually good signs. They are signals that we need to grow. We may need to expand our knowledge or our spirituality or our relationships. But to expand we need to first think and get our minds straight on what we want.  Instability is what spurs growth. And growth, my friends, is the key to happiness. So you can stop visiting those life coaches who are driving around in their ’94 Corolla and telling you what you need to do to become happy.
Happiness is growth and growth is spurred on by some form of instability.
EVERYONE HAS THIS ABILITY TO GROW. We are just attaching the wrong meaning to instability, uncertainty and stress. Just attach the meaning that stress and instability is a sign to use our God given talents and rock on!

Instead of driving to the take out window, why not drive by and create your own meal of exactly what you would like to eat. You can do it, anyone can.