Dentistry is about more than just teeth, yet some dentists fail to evaluate and care for the total chewing system. Teeth don’t function alone, and complete care involves evaluating, diagnosing and treating the entire system in order to achieve complete health.

A Complete Examination evaluates all the components of the chewing system to identify any signs of problems before they become symptomatic. Signs of problems precede symptoms and most often, dental problems are easier and less expensive to fix before they become symptomatic.

Complete Dentistry has seven specific goals: 
1) Freedom from disease in all system structures
2) Maintainably healthy gum tissues
3) Stable jaw joints
4) Stable bite
5) Maintainably healthy teeth
6) Comfortable function when speaking
7) Optimum appearance

A Complete Dentist establishes these goals for each patient and evaluates every component of the system prior to beginning treatment. These goals help identify when treatment has been successfully completed and are the foundation for understanding underlying causes, not just symptoms.

Waiting until a dental problem is painful typically results in more complicated and expensive treatment, and treating symptoms alone is short sighted and will likely lead to more problems down the road.

Take preventative action.  Give us a call at Dental Wellness at Dry Creek and schedule a complete care check up.  You can also send us an  email request for an appointment at,  or [email protected].