Dentistry can have a profound impact on the health of an individual.  Hi, I am Dr. DiLizia of Dental Wellness at Dry Creek and we believe there is a person attached to every tooth.  We as dental practitioners are part of the front line defense for many ailments that affect the whole body.  Traditionally dentists have not been trained to look at the person as a whole functioning system.

Lets look at a few examples:  every tooth and its surrounding gum and bone are connected to the body via a system of blood vessels.  The same blood that courses through our entire system also traverses your gums.  Bacteria associated with Periodontal Disease is not localized to the mouth, but flows through our entire body along interconnected system of blood vessels.  This can have entire affects on the whole body.  Studies have shown that women with Periodontal Disease have increase incidence of low preterm birth weight babies.  In April of 2012 the American Dental Association published a statement supporting an association between gum disease and heart disease.

Another example is the way your teeth come together, your bite, is critical.  An abnormality in the way our jaws come together can lead to jaw joint problems which can in turn affect the entire nervous system of the body.  This can cause vertigo, tinnitus, neck and back pain  and stomach symptoms.

We at Dental Wellness at  Dry Creek are committed to whole body health through health of our entire mouth.  As always, if you have any questions please give us a call at 303-773-9400 or email me personally at [email protected]