November 12, 2015
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Have you ever been asked to build an ark? I get asked to do this all the time. Yea really, I do, I get asked to build an ark everyday and I bet you are asked also.

People ask me to replace teeth every day where there are none. People also ask me to make hurt go away, make teeth bright, remove things that can cause problems for their health, and do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I get asked to build arks all the time.

Okay, you probably figured out my biblical analogy referring to God asking Noah to perform the impossible, as only God can do. But how about the arks we all build every day?
We get asked to do the impossible as fathers, mothers, business owners… everyday.
How about the arks you are asked to build? The juggling act of balancing careers and raising children. I remember those days of running out the door to pick up our three kids from school and chauffeur them to dance lessons, baseball practice or tae kwon do lessons.
Maybe we have to care for an ill parent, while maintaining a career. Or the stress we go under when we have to find a new job, while keeping our families together.
Yea, we all get asked to build arks all the time.

But the people who build the biggest and baddest arks have figured out one thing.
They believe that when life asks them to do more, when the challenge gets placed in front of them, they do not hesitate or think about how, where, or why. They simply react.

Dentistry and life have parallels. As a dentist, I am asked to build arks all the time. I have to react like an emergency room doctor, engineer and therapist all at the drop of a hat. Building arks has made my life wonderfully exciting and fulfilling. I encourage you to build arks also and experience life to the fullest.

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